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Washinkai España Term Starts September 2014

A press release by Sensei Chris Thompson 8th Dan:

The Washinkai Karate organisation, established in the UK in 1977 by Sensei Chris Thompson 8th Dan, has been extremely successful enabling students to learn authentic karate with its origins in Japan.  Chris Thompson started karate in 1969 with the style Wado Ryu under Tatsuo Suzuki, who brought Wado to Europe directly from Japan.  He has been a national champion and represented England on many occasions.

Spanish national championships

Spanish National Champions of Self Defence

Lawrence Phillips and Taylor Brown last week became Spanish National Champions of Self Defence and Kata in a competition held at Javea Sports Centre.

Washinkai Karate won an incredible 18 medals and three further awards.

Lawrence Phillips and Taylor Brown became Spanish champions by defending themselves against a series of attacks carried out with both bare hands and weapons while their instructor Geovanny Sanchez won the title of Spanish National Champion of Kata (forms)

Denia Youth Olympics

Minijocs Olympics Denia

Another fantastic demonstration from Washinkai Karate España at the Minijocs Olympics in Denia.  Sensei Geovanny Sanchez led the team on to the field to demonstrate what can really be achieved by all age groups when you have the right attitude.

The Washinkai display was set along side a display from Denia Taekwondo team and also a group demonstrating Shaolin techniques.  All three groups showed that they had something special to offer and the emphasis was on showing the benefits of karate for young people.

Mike Lewis

Kumite Sessions

Senior instructor and Washinkai España club member Mike Lewis is offering additional training to karate students who wish to improve their Kumite and combat skills. The sessions are intended to help those who do not like to fight as well as the more experienced karate ka.

The sessions last for only half an hour and take place between the regular Tuesday and Thursday class at the Poly Deportivo in Jávea.


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The Washinkai Karate Mission Statement

The Washinkai Karate Mission Statement


Students After an enjoyable Course With Washinkai Chief, Sensei Thompson

The mission of Washinkai Karate is to promote a partnership between students and instructors so as to provide students with the opportunity to achieve their full potential in the study of karate-do, whether in the dojo, on courses, on a gasshuku or in competition, as well as to promote the art of traditional karate generally.



Kihon - Basics

Kihon - Basics

Kihon is the basic techniques of karate, kicking, punching and blocking. These fundamentals of karate must be grasped before a student can advance in karate.

Many good karate-ka (student) quit at an early stage due to the repetitiveness of kihon, however, if you take onboard the attitude of the Japanese that a house can only be built on a solid foundation then kihon is extremely important.


11 year old girl fights off attacker

11 year old girl fights off attacker

There are many stories in the press about how attackers have been thwarted by their 'would be' victims knowledge of karate and self defence.  We have had similar experiences within our own club.

This particular artilce caught my eye, as it took place in my old home town.  The girls are from an area I know well.  It is a troubled part of Bristol, but not atypical of many metropolitan areas. Click the green title link at the top to read more...

The Washinkai Child Protection Team

The Washinkai Child Protection Team

Washinkai has had an established Child Protection Team for many years. Born out of the belief that prevention is better than cure, Washinkai have implemented procedures to ensure that every child who trains within Washinkai is ensured a safe environment where they can enjoy and learn Karate.

Led by Head Child Protection Officer (CPO) Annette Turpin, the team consisting of Neville Smith and Luci Harris are always available to answer concerns and check that Instructors have the appropriate qualifications and clearances.



The History Of Washinkai

The History Of Washinkai

It was in late 1977 that Chris Thompson came to the conclusion that due to be being disillusioned and dissatisfied with the Wado-Ryu organisation in the UK that it would be best if he severed all connections with them.

This meant that Chris Thompson was one of the first breakaways and one of the first Englishmen to formulate his own style, training and grading syllabus.


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